Oldest Market Area in Jaipur, Rajasthan !!


Jaipur Shopping Market Johari Bazar means jewelers market. It is a long stretch of road in the old part of the town with shops on either side of the road. If you plan a visit to this popular market of the Pink City, be prepared for unruly traffic, blaring horns, busy pedestrians, and foreigners with lost looks on their faces. Also, expect the most colorful display of mundane and luxury products in contiguous shops here. Above all, the Johari Bazar is a road filled with an astonishing variety of products. You will find groceries, garments, quilts, kites, turbans, bridal wear dresses, silver jewelry, gems, and precious stone shops on this road. In addition, it is the busiest and most interesting market in the Pink City of Jaipur.

Jaipur is home to India’s largest and most fabulous collection of jewelry of all types. Jaipur, famous for jewelry and clothes, is visited the most by people who love both. There are many famous markets in Jaipur selling precious stones, gems, semi-precious stones, and jewelry with a limited warranty. And Johari Bazaar is one of the earliest Jaipur shopping places where you can buy all these. The plethora of choices and amazing designs make it one of the best places to shop in Jaipur and also, and it will leave you spellbound, especially the wonderful handmade, delicate jewelry. Johri Bazaar is one of the most famous places to shop in Jaipur. Johri Bazaar is a famous market with hundreds of jewelry and handcrafted clothes, furniture, and art. It comprises over 400 shops and stores, offering a wide variety of gems and jewelry ranging from low-cost handicrafts to millions worth.

Amongst the places to visit in Jaipur for shopping, Johari Bazaar is a jewelry lover’s paradise. One of the famous markets in Jaipur, the Johari Bazaar is the home to exquisite Jaipur jewelry and its intricate craftsmanship. A shopper’s paradise and a must-visit, Johari Bazaar in Jaipur have a reputation that precedes itself. Located near Hawa Mahal, this market of exquisite jewelry and artifacts to choose from can immerse shoppers in its glittering glory. It is considered to be one of the oldest markets of Jaipur City. While most visit Pink City for its gorgeous monuments and impregnable fortresses, shopping is a delight while in Jaipur. A place known for its bohemia of different types of jewelry, Johari Bazaar will get your shopping instincts running.

Johari Bazaar is one of the most famous places to shop in Jaipur. The word ‘Johari’ in Hindi means ‘Jeweller’. Aptly described, the market is lined with innumerable shops that deal with exclusive jewelry representing the rich Rajasthani culture of the city. The wide array of jewelry lines the streets of the market, tempting you to at least buy a small souvenir before going back home. Bedecked with precious and semi-precious stones, this market is truly a must-stop during your visit to this beautiful city. As the name suggests, there is a whole range of gorgeous jewelry that you can choose from, while shopping in Johari Bazaar. The famous Gopalji ka Rasta is lined with wholesale and export shops that deal with precious and semi-precious stones.


Nowadays, many people no longer buy ornaments for specific occasions like weddings, or family functions. Jewelry showrooms can either be a standalone setup or be a part of the branded chain of stores. Indian jewelry takes form into a plethora of designs, whether traditional, contemporary, or a perfect blend of modern and traditional styles. At any jewelry showroom, you can choose from a stunning range of jewelry in intricate and attractive designs in gold, diamond, gemstone, platinum, and semi-precious stones. Jewelry can be broadly classified based on the precious stone or element used. In addition to precious jewelry, several jewelry showrooms also feature collections in artificial and fashion jewelry. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, chains, rings, toe rings, bangles, and anklets are a few of the common types of ornaments worn by men and women.

When you invest in a gorgeous piece of fine jewelry, you’re doing it as a significant financial commitment. While you may discover beautiful jewelry in many different sorts of stores, you should follow a general rule and buy from trustworthy jewelry showrooms in Johri Bazar, Jaipur. Choose a jewelry store that is trustworthy and devoted to ethics. You can find various types of jewelry at these jewelry showrooms, such as gold jewelry, silver jewelry, platinum jewelry, diamond jewelry, antique jewelry, and many more in a variety of designs. You can also customize the designs and get them made as per your choice.

When buying pieces from gold jewelry showrooms, you are not only making a purchase but also investing money sensibly. You will find all types of gold jewelry at these stores, right from pieces that are suitable for regular wear to occasion-specific ornaments and statement pieces. While delicate pieces of jewelry enjoy popularity all around the year, Indian jewelry designs are more in demand during festivities and occasions. The jewelry stores provide you with an entire collection of bridal jewelry that comprises everything from engagement rings, earrings, and bracelets to bangles, necklaces, and chokers in delicate designs as well as statement pieces. In addition to ready pieces, many stores also offer custom-made designs wherein they make the ornaments as per a design of your liking. Many showrooms also have designer jewelry ranges with stunning pieces that draw attention.

Indian jewelry is in high demand during the festive and wedding seasons. However, a lot of people prefer opting for delicate and understated designs, which look fashionable all year round. These boutiques offer a wide selection of gold jewelry suitable for weddings, ranging from heavy necklaces, chokers, and bangles to wedding rings and earrings. Numerous gold jewelry showrooms in Johri Bazar, Jaipur provide designer jewelry collections with eye-catching pieces. Another famous street, ‘Haldiyon ka Rasta’, is famous for its jewelry, silverware, junk jewelry, gems, and much more. Dotted with multiple shops, the lanes of Johari Bazaar are abuzz with vendors calling out to tourists and selling beautiful accessories.

Top Gold Jewellery Showrooms in Johri Bazar Jaipur

  • Jawaharat
  • Jmj Jewellers
  • Gems Art Of Pinkcity
  • Rudrakash Gems & Jewellery
  • Kothari Jewels
  • Dowetiwala Jewellers
  • Nem Prakash Khandaka Jewellers

There are several shops in this market that sell gemstones, silver, and gold jewelry. For example, one can buy traditional jewelry, which includes Kundan jewelry (cut and polished glass/gemstones on pure gold or metal base) Polki jewelry (uncut diamond in gold base), and enamel work jewelry, also known as ‘Minakari’, which is famous in Jaipur. Strings of gemstones in rubies, emeralds, and jade are attractive and very reasonably priced here. In addition, check out the stores that sell imitation and fashion jewelry. Imitation jewelry is especially useful during destination weddings when one does not have to take the risk of traveling with real jewelry. Women certainly prefer to wear them with ethnic Indian dresses.


Commonly known as ‘kiranas’ in local parlance, mom-and-pop shops are nothing but general stores. In marketing terminology, a kirana shop is a form of traditional retail catering to the needs of citizens. Now with the emergence of the various forms of modern retail, many of these establishments are evolving from their traditional format to a more modern, department store format. These shops and establishments are a part of the distributor network of FMCG brands and companies selling a wide range of products. A modern general store may have to air-condition, a wider range of products and services that local shops may not offer. Depending on the location of the store whether in a rural village or an urban metropolis the stock-keeping units or pack sizes of the packaged goods may differ. Aiming for the convenience of the locals, these general stores also offer complimentary doorstep delivery services.

General stores are commonly known as ‘kiranas’ in local parlance. With the emergence of the various forms of modern retail, many of these establishments are evolving from their traditional style to a more modern, department store style. These retail stores are a part of the sales network of most FMCG brands and leading manufacturing companies. General stores in Johri-Bazar, Jaipur have a wider range of products and services that local shops may not offer. Catering to the convenience of their customers, these shops also offer additional services such as free home delivery. These store owners work in conjunction with wholesalers, distributors, and retailers forming a wide network in the city or town. Many customers rely on these local general shops to obtain essential items. Hence, we often search for general stores online to locate the nearest general store in our vicinity.


Johari bazaar is also an ideal place to shop for lehengas, exquisite Mojari’s or Jutis (leather sandals), and sarees in colorful Bandhej and glittering stonework or gemstones. You can also choose from hundreds of shops that sell excellent tie-dye material and fabric (typical of Rajasthan), Bandhani suits and fabrics, textile materials, and much more. Some of the famous shops for sarees in the market are Jaipur Saree Kendra, Rooplaxmi, Rana Saree Emporium, and Rattan Deep, amongst others. From bridal wedding trousseaus to casual wear traditional outfits, you can take your pick from a wide array of absolutely magnificent fabrics, right here in Johari Bazaar.


Apart from being the center for jewelry, Johari Bazar also stocks bridal lehengas and sarees. Lehengas are traditional long skirts. Popular sarees are bandhej and leheriya style (tie and dye) sarees with Sanganeri prints. Ranas and Rooplaxmi are two well-known shops that are sought after by people who wish to buy wedding trousseau. It is one of the best shops for traditional bridal lehengas as compared to other shops. In addition, several other shops sell saris, salwar suit pieces, scarves, stoles, and home furnishings. The National Handloom Corporation is a Government owned shop that stocks everything under one roof. Similarly, Rattan Deep is a well-known shop for Gotta Patti sarees, Gharchola sarees, Kurtis, and Kota wears sarees.


Finally, the bustling crowds, the color, and the vivacity make shopping in Johari Bazar a unique experience. Further, the rich cultural heritage and creative energy of the city are evident in the products on display and the shop owners’ enterprise. In addition, bright turbans, umbrellas, glass lanterns, puppets, skirts, kites, and cloth bags with mirror work are a kaleidoscope of all things beautiful in Jaipur. This is Jaipur shopping at its best. If you are planning to go shopping in Jaipur, highly recommends you visit Johari Bazar. It is an experience not to be missed. Bargaining is allowed in street shops.

Unlike other markets and bazaars, you may not get lucky when it comes to negotiations and bargaining. Shopkeepers offer their products at fixed prices and do not like to bargain at all. The famous LMB (Lakshmi Mishtan Bhandar) snack house, sweet shop, and restaurant, are located on this road. It attracts a lot of locals and tourists alike. It is famous for chaat (spicy snacks), the Rajasthani traditional sweet Ghewar, and special Rajasthani food. In addition, Narayanji GajakWale is another famous sweet shop here. They will offer you seasonal or intermittent discounts, but will not accept negotiations on the products. You can get almost any type of jewelry in pure gems and stones or semi-precious stones at this exclusive market. You can get it customized or buy it from the many shops, lining the streets of Johari Bazaar.

The jewelry here is typically Rajasthani, giving you a glimpse of the elegance and exquisiteness of royalty. Two items that are famously sold in Johari Bazaar are ‘Lac ki Chudiyan’ and ‘Lehenga Chunri of Jaipur’. These are a must-buy for every visitor shopping at this market. Other noteworthy shops in and around Johari Bazaar include Roop Rani Bangles, Satyam (an exclusive shop offering amazing Khadi and Mughal Bootis, hand-painted in real gold), Rishi Shoes, etc. The best season to visit Jaipur is between October to March as the winter months are cooler and better for sightseeing and shopping. From alluring Minakari and Kundan jewelry to the in-roads of gorgeous fabrics, Johari Bazaar near Hawa Mahal in Jaipur is truly a shopper’s haven.