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Elefantastic is the world of unseen, unbelievable, and unmatched elephant experiences that make it the perfect place to spend your vacations in. This is our humble attempt to provide welfare services and raise awareness for Asian elephants via a unique human-elephant interaction. We are thrilled to make your visit to India, an Elefantastic one! Elefantastic seeks to introduce inbound travelers to India showcasing its great hospitality, extreme geography, yummy food, kaleidoscopic culture, deep-rooted spirituality, charming souvenirs, photogenic chaos, and love for animals.

We started in 2012 with a single person’s vision of our founder – Rahul Choudhary. His blazing entrepreneurial spirit helped him create inroads to building ‘Elefantastic Sanctuary’ which not only answers questions about Asian elephants and their lives in an up-close personal way but also strives to give a fantastic experience to first-time Indian travelers. Elefantastic seeks to introduce outbound travelers to India showcasing its great hospitality, extreme geography, yummy food, kaleidoscopic culture, deep-rooted spirituality, charming souvenirs, photogenic chaos, and love for animals. Since then we’ve given an incredible experience to thousands of guests from across the world and are in our quest to make your visit to India, an Elefantastic one!

Elefantastic is a place for real animal lovers. Elefantastic believes in elephants’ best welfare. Elephants are precious sentient beings, kind and gentle with hearts and souls, personalities, likes and dislikes, and keeping them happy, safe and comfortable. Come and enjoy getting to know them – spend time connecting with Elephant, be with Elephant, gain their trust, learn Elephant language and talk to Elephant, understand an Elephant, feed Elephants, love Elephants, and see just how much love you can receive in return from Elephants. Elephant Safari in Jaipur, Elephant Ride at Amber Fort, Elephant Painting, Ride on Elephant, Shower Elephant, Bath Elephant, Swim with Elephant, Sleep with A Elephant in Night.


Elephantastic Jaipur Address: 361, Ankron Ka Rasta, Kishanpole Bazar, Chandpole Bazar, Chandpole, Pink City, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001

Elephantastic Jaipur Contact/Phone/Mobile Number: 080942 53150

Elephantastic Jaipur Timings/Opening Hours:

  • Monday: 7am–8pm
  • Tuesday: 7am–8pm
  • Wednesday: 7am–8pm
  • Thursday: 7am–8pm
  • Friday: 7am–8pm
  • Saturday: 7am–8pm
  • Sunday: 7am–8pm



Elefantastic Elephant Sanctuary, a unique conservation project set in Jaipur, Rajasthan has been in operation since the 2000s to provide a sanctuary and elephant rehabilitation center. Mission: To protect and conserve elephants in a natural environment and to provide a healthy and fruitful life for all those creatures under our care. The rehabilitation center is owned and managed by a former Elephant Rider (Rahul) and focuses on healthcare and breeding management. Although Rehabilitation Center was established in 2012, my family’s involvement with elephants dates to over four generations; before the Rehabilitation Center materialized, As I pondered the possibilities, I realized that I want to give people an insight into the lives of Asian elephants. There are vast misconceptions across India that animals – especially elephants – are badly mistreated. I decided that I wanted to eradicate these misconceptions. This decision inspired me to start The Elefantastic. Elefantastic is an Indian travel organization that seeks to offer outbound travelers to India made with great hospitality, extreme geography, delicious food, kaleidoscope culture, deep-rooted spirituality, fascinating souvenirs, photogenic chaos, and a love for animals.

Elefantastic is an Indian travel organization that seeks to offer love for animals to travelers traveling outside India. There are 23 female elephants and one male elephant on this farm. Here you can enjoy an elephant safari. Since its inception in 2012, Elefantastic has touched the lives of over 6,050 people across the world through our Human-Elephant Interaction Program in Jaipur (As of 16 November 2016). Elefantastic’s’s long-term strategic goal for 2016-20 is to impact the lives of 1,00,000 individuals and help them learn and be up close with Asian elephants while supporting our upkeep.

Elefantastic Elephant Farm is a fascinating and educational farm that offers entertaining activities while educating visitors about the world’s largest mammal. Rahul Choudhary, a mahout (elephant rider) himself, designed this area. His ambition was to establish an elephant rehabilitation center and provide support to the elephants’ mahouts and owners, who are mostly from low-income families. On this farm, there are 23 female elephants and one male elephant. Here you can go on an exciting elephant safari. This Jaipur attraction also houses a variety of birds and small animals. It is an ideal location for spending quality time with family and children. For those who want to be closer to the farm’s natural wonders, there are camping options available on the premises.


The Elefantastic is an interesting elephant farm and a fascinating tourist site in Jaipur. Conserving the Indian Elephants in a vast reserve is the main aim of the place. There are camping facilities within this area. You can also avail of the available Special rides upon the trained elephants. Over the years, the farm has been a great contributor to the welfare of the Indian elephants and presently houses 23 female elephants and one male elephant. An amazing variety of birds is also housed within the farms. Several smaller wild animals also find a home here. The Elefantastic Farm is situated close to the Tiger Rescue Centre of Jaipur which is a medical center for injured and sick tigers. It is well-visited by tourists after the more enriching experience at the elephant farm.

Elefantastic, situated in the capital city of Rajasthan, Jaipur, is a place that will change your perception of an elephant sanctuary forever. The elephants here are treated nicely, and it also boasts of its great hospitality, extreme geography, kaleidoscopic culture, deep-rooted spirituality, photogenic chaos, and love for animals. This place was created by Rahul Choudhary, who once was a mahout (elephant rider) himself. His dream was to set up a rehabilitation center for the elephants and support their respective mahouts and owners who generally hail from a low-income group. Elefantastic provides a safe house for the elephants and also educates them about daily life and the events of elephants.

Watch the daily life of the elephants: Here, the main attraction is to present an actual picture of the daily life of the elephant to the tourists. So you can witness what the elephants do right from the beginning of the day, how they shower and cool themselves and are cared for with utmost love and dedication by their respective mahouts. Elefantastic offers you a unique way of elephant riding that no other can offer. The highly skilled elephants are always ready to take the tourists on their back and upon riding on the back; you can pose for a photo or two. You can even take a shower with the elephant when it washes with its trunk.


If you form a deep sense of love for elephants in your mind, then you can also talk with the mahout of the respective elephants to know about their daily chores and how they maintain their loved jumbo friends. Elefantastic also provides you with the option, where you can support an elephant and adopt it if you are satisfied with the treatment that the elephants get here. Your help will go for not only the well-being of the elephants but to the caring of mahouts and their families as well. This process lets you make friends with an elephant.

Elefantastic is an elephant rehabilitation center on the shores of Jaipur. Reinstatement is done by the claim of focus and the last elephant rider (Mahut), which puts light on social insurance and restores the authorities for agreeable, outstanding, and unique elephants to deliver healthy elephants to live on earth. Even though on February 21, 2012, the Elefantastic Rehabilitation Center was conceived, the contribution of Rahul’s family to our elephants is more than 4 years old. Before the Rehabilitation Center’s emergence, she had an elephant ride in Amber Palace for a long time and gave a ride to many visitors who visited Amber Palace. Even though he was delighted to have an elephant riding in Amber Palace and met with many visitors, he could not resist the progressively important things for him and his elephants.

A lot of people who had met him were anxious about the everyday existence of elephants and needed a common ride with them. As he considered conceivable opportunities, he understood that in the lives of the Asian elephants, individuals need to point out the knowledge below a top-notch. The situation of immense illusions in India is that the organism – especially the elephants – is seriously misused. They concluded that they need to show the persons who are not usually in the situation and move forward in ending these misguided decisions. This option encouraged them to start a rehabilitation center, which gives a sense of the everyday life of Asian elephants. You will see that most of our elephants are surrounded by surroundings, in which there are extensive rooms, mind-hungry vet is constantly checking to ensure that they are all at the peak of their well-being.