The Blue Room in City Palace Jaipur !!


The most royal blues! This stunning room is called Chhavi Niwas (known as the Blue Room), a private room at the Jaipur City Palace. Located on the 5th floor, it boasts sweeping views of the palace. The Maharajas of Jaipur used the ‘Chhavi Niwas’ as their monsoon retreat and it is equally beautiful as the other floors. At the top of the Chandra Mahal is the Mukut Mandir pavilion where the flag of Jaipur is unfurled every day. On the second floor, the stunning Chhavi Niwas is a beautiful bright blue with white detailing. This room was used to enjoy the monsoon rains. The Chhavi Niwas is one of the private rooms at Jaipur’s City Palace. If you’ve bought the full city palace ticket, head to the private blue room area (Chhavi Niwas). The experience here is much better since not many people pay for the more expensive ticket. We had about 20 – 30 minutes by ourselves to soak in the details and beauty of the Blue Room.

Each floor of the seven-storeyed Chandra Mahal palace is lavishly adorned and has a specific name to reflect its function. The Sukh Niwas, or ‘Hall of Rest’, is a fully-furnished royal dining room. The third floor, the Rang Mandir, is adorned with mirrorwork across the walls and ceiling. Shobha Niwas, on the fourth floor, is known as the ‘Hall of Beauty’, with the walls lavishly embellished with mirrors, tiles, and gold leaf detailing. The Chhavi Niwas, or ‘Hall of Images’, is on the fifth floor and was the monsoon retreat of the Maharaja. On the sixth floor is Shri Niwas, and the seventh is the Mukut Mandir (‘Crown Temple’). At the very tip of the Chandra Mahal is the flag of the Jaipur royal family, which is only unfurled when the Maharaja is in residence.

Beautifully adorned with blue and white colored details, Chhavi Niwas in Chandra Mahal is an alluring backdrop for photographs. Built-in the mid-18th century, Chhavi Niwas is a beautiful locale to enjoy the monsoon rains. Experience the richness of the most photogenic and magnificent complex of courtyards, gardens, and historic buildings. Chandra Mahal is a 7-storied building, with different names on each floor, Mukut Mandir, Chhavi Niwas, Shri Mandir, Ranga Mandir, Pitam Niwas, and Sukh Niwas. There is a beautiful peacock and many balconies, beautiful mirror work with floral decoration along with amazing paintings. The ground floor of Chandra Mahal is open as a museum, which has carpets, king’s and queen’s garments, and many other items. Subh Niwas is finely decorated with paintings and has a dining hall. Chhavi Niwas was meant for the resting King. There is a flag at the top. The Chhavi Niwas is a well-known area in the City Palace with beautiful bright blue and white detailing, Also the exquisite arches are putting in a stunning view of this room.


Chhavi Niwas or the blue room in the city palace, Jaipur is included as part of the Royal Splendor tour and costs about Rs.3500 per head. That tour also includes other spots like mukut mandir and all (check website for complete details) Apart from being insanely instagrammable, the blue room feels like a respite from the scorching heat. Just the color and being able to see the sky outside has that effect I think ☺️ This was used by the maharajas as a monsoon retreat and despite not being embellished and adorned with mirrors or loud colors, this room has a charm of its own.

Here, the evening is given over to the famous blue room—Chhavi Niwas—a transformed private dining room, with liveried butlers and a duo of palace musicians to set the ambiance. While the famed blue and white room have been plastered all over Instagram, to have it transformed as a bespoke dining experience alters the real in reality. Hard to put a price tag on this, you would think, but not. A curated dinner in the Chhavi Niwas—as well as access to the aforementioned terrace—is just one of the many perks of spending the weekend as a guest of the royal household of Jaipur. But this comes at a rather hefty price tag, justifiably, of course!